Monday, December 12, 2016

At some point late in a dream, I am dealing with electrical wiring, and so I use a cloth between my hand and the wires as I work on it, but after a short period of time, I realize the cloth isn't working, and in fact my whole arm is now pale white, with charred marks, and I feel as if I'm some sort of Darth character (sidius pops into mind). I awake uncomfortably.

On a beach at some point, just an expanse of sand, maybe 20 feet across. A shoreline that goes to infinity, though it is a narrow shoreline because there's a wall brushing right up against this calm pool-like ocean. A man is sitting in the water, and there is a large dark shape behind him. It is a shark, and the man is now inside the shark, clearly dead, but we run up, and the shark, little bigger than the man, slowly comes up the shore and stops of its own accord. We somehow split the shark and pull the man out. He is, even after a minute (or ten?) waterlogged and dead, with his face pushed in, in the strangest most uncomfortable looking way.

There may have been one other uncomfortable dream.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

First dream
exploring these caves that were inside apartment complexes while threatening military convoys thundered and rumbled by outside. knew that war was coming. ultimately fled somehow to a series of upper class apartments that were floating in the midst of a massive flood/risen sea. could only get there by an elevated highway. made way into an apartment to get away with several companions, wading waist deep through water, pushing aside furniture trying to get deeper into apt. woke up.
Second dream
some sort of outdoor housing area (maybe similar to Treasure Island's low-income housing), including an old-fashioned baseball field. someone loses his son. chase/go looking for son, end up somehow in large vertical cylindrical chamber with massive jellyfish type creatures. (gotta touch them all? don't remember. just a feeling of them luring me but also threatening even if just due to their size.) one near the top had a massive glowing yellow eye thing on its underbelly. was scared of it, almost touched it, or did, nothing bad. vague memories of staircase after.